About Us

For more than 100 years, the Scouting movement has successfully prepared youth to grow into leaders.  At Troop 555, we strive to continue that model and deliver a quality program that embodies the methods and aims of Scouting. We are a small troop. We are a backpacking troop.  We have a simpler, minimalist approach to camping, instead focusing on scout skills, leadership and life preparedness.

Founded in September 2012, Troop 555 began as the vision of a group of scouts who were looking for a different scouting experience than they were getting.  They wanted a troop that is truly boy-led, and focuses on service, scout skills, backpacking, and high adventure.  

What is a backpacking troop?

As a backpacking troop, our scouts learn to carry only what they need.  It’s really a very simple concept.  For the most part, if it doesn’t fit in your backpack, you probably don’t need it.  This helps our scouts think about what’s important and teaches ingenuity.  We still provide a safe, fun, and meaningful camping experience, but it takes a lot less time to set up camp.  That leaves more time for adventure.  We do have a troop trailer that we use to store troop gear, and we will take it on some campouts.  However, we really want to emphasize that less is more.

The Boy-Led Troop

Troop 555 is a boy-led troop.  That means the activities of the troop are planned and executed by a Senior Patrol Leader and his youth staff, elected by the boys in the troop.  Our adult leadership fully supports these ideals and strives to provide as many opportunities for the boys to be exposed to leadership experiences.  This does not mean the adults are not involved, but the adults in the troop see their role as being mentors, counselors and facilitators.

A Scary Notion

It sounds scary, but in reality you will see your boys perform in ways you never imagined. What that also means is that sometimes activities don’t go as smoothly as we as adults expect. However, we feel it is important to empower the boys to lead in an environment where it is safe to make mistakes and learn from those experiences.

Youth Leadership Training

Learning in Boy Scouts isn't just through trial and error.  BSA also offers some of the best leadership training for youth.  We encourage all scouts to participate in these training programs, and incorporate leadership training into the activities offered within the troop as well.  Our scouts learn leadership skills that they can use throughout their lives.